Hello Kitty And Tetris To Collaborate For A New Title

The gaming industry has witnessed a number of collaborations and partnerships amongst various developers and studios. Be it the recent behind the doors business relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo or PUBG with Resident Evil 2.

Such collaborations help gamers experience the thrill of playing two separate titles in one and opens absolutely new appeal and interactions for players to enjoy. Seemingly a new post on Twitter is pointing towards an exclusive collaboration between Tetris and Hello Kitty which would avail gamers with a brand new title which would include different aspects from both the games.

The collaborating would not be only bound for a particularly new game, but it would also allow the two brands to develop new merchandise and create innovative products for fans.

A recent press conference on the end of Tetris company revealed that their new partnership is going to last for multiple years in which they would reveal some exclusive new merchandise and products for their fans. Further down the alley, another announcement suggested that the merger between the two brands will portray their first joint effort on June 3 and will present a new online title for players to experience a whole new world of Tetris with Hello Kitty in it.

In addition, Tetris brand also revealed that the new partnership would also include new style layout patterns which would allow players to select different themes in their game and enjoy unique interactions while playing the game.

Players will be able to customize their clothing, cosmetics, accessories and other such in-game items with unique and stylish themes based on both the titles. Seemingly this collaborating is being witnessed during the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty and the 35th anniversary of Tetris, so both the studios have come up with this special way to celebrate their success.

Maya Rogers, CEO, and President at Tetris is wholly responsible for this unique collaborating, and she has shown a lot of faith and excitement for their collaboration with the classic Hello Kitty.

She stated that surely Tetris and Hello Kitty have been around for a while and have a massive following amongst retro gamers. Considerably this new merger between the two well-repudiated brands would avail fans with plenty of Merchandise, Toys and gaming titles to celebrate the anniversaries of both the brands.

Although much is not known about the collaborated new title, still many gaming fans have been speculating that the new game would feature the gameplay of Tetris and the in-game theme would be based on Hello Kitty title. Let’s see how the original game proves to justify the merger of such highly reputed brands and how the initial gameplay works on this coming June 3.

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