6 Tips and Tricks to Complete All Best Fiends Levels

Best Fiends is a popular game that combines match 3 puzzle along with some light weight role playing game mechanics. This game has you collect fiends who will fight invading slugs. Whether you are a beginner or pro, here are some tips and tricks that will help you complete all Best Fiends levels.

6 essential tips to master Best Fiends

  1. Opt for long matches

Best Fiend game includes a number of stage goals. Some are simple and just require you to knock down your enemies, collect fruits, or match a particular number of puzzle parts together. The missions become more complex and grueling and require you to complete goals while overcoming the obstacles that might hamper your game progress.

When you clear these obstacles, you can enable the special puzzle parts of the lineup of your present fiend. When you get other parts out of the board, then you shall have to create three-piece matches. At times, you must opt to go bigger whenever you notice  +3 puzzle piece matches.

  • Check the damage before making moves

When you draw lines between tiles for making matches, the damages that the slug will face shall show up on its top and will get deducted from the present HP. Utilize this key for checking which move causes the maximum damage when you try to kill a slug.

  • Extra damage gets applied to the consequent enemy

In case, you overkill any slug, then do not worry, the excess damage shall get applied to the next one in line. Hence, you should make huge, damaging chains as it will be fruitful because you will not be losing any extra damage as your enemy changes. But, exceptions do exist. In case you overkill any slug using purple mushrooms, and the following enemy has an immunity to purple mushrooms, then the extra damage will not be applied to them.

  • Upgrade the characters

As you keep on progressing in the game, you shall be collecting small monsters. The more monsters you gather, the higher you can level up the Fiends. When you level your Fiends up, they will be able to conduct more damage, especially when you match the tiles that are compatible with their elements.

  • Collect the diamonds

To collect the diamonds, you need to utilize the opportunities whenever you notice any chances for matching a few diamonds. Also, by connecting the game to your Facebook, you can instantly get thirty diamonds for free.  It is also important to save these collected diamonds and use them for rescues. With the diamonds, you can purchase more keys and locate your fiends a lot quicker. When you have found a minimum of one fiend per hue, then you can be a little more liberal with spending diamonds.

  • Replay wisely

When the player loses any level, then they may opt for replaying it from the screen. However, selecting the replay option means that they will not be able to swap their party. In case you are struggling with any level, then you might benefit from changing your fiends. Hence, before hitting the Replay option, you need to think wisely if you should opt for regrouping instead.

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