How to Create Folders to Organize iPhone Apps

Have you  installed an array of apps on your iPhone? If yes, then it can be a time-taking task for you to access your iPhone apps. But, if you organize them in groups, then it can be much easier for you to access them.

Do you know that you can create folders and even label them on your iPhone? Today, we are going to help you to manage your iPhone apps in a proper manner. Let’s get started.

How to Make Folders And Manage Apps on Your iPhone?

Let’s learn about ‘what is the best way to create folders in an iPhone.’ Follow the below instructions carefully:

  1. In order to make folders on your iPhone, you will require a minimum of two apps to organize in a folder. So, decide which apps you are going to put into a folder.
  2. Slightly tap and hold an app until all apps on display start shivering (This process is very similar to which you use to re-arrange your apps).
  3. Now, you will have to drag this app to the other app that you want to organize in a folder.
  4. You can see that both apps now have merged into a folder.
  5. After that, different devices show different types of folders such as in iOS 7 and higher version shows the folder and its label take up the whole screen.
  6. In iOS 4-6, the folder appears as a strip labeled with a default name.
  7. There will be a default name of the folder, but it can be customized, and you can easily rename it.
  8. Tap on to the x icon to clear the default name and then enter the name that you want to give it.
  9. Now to add more apps in the same folder, touch on the wallpaper around that folder. Then tap and hold the other app and drag it to the folder.
  10. When you are done with organizing apps in that folder, then tap the home button of your iPhone, and your folder is created successfully. (Note: On iPhone X and its similar series there is no home button, so tap the done button instead).

That was an easy tutorial on how to create a folder on your iPhone and other iOS devices. This is the best way to organize your iPhone apps, and you can create unlimited folders with the same process if you have many apps.

You should create several folders labeled by the categories of your installed apps. Create folders in a proper manner, such as making different folders for game apps, movie apps, MS Office apps, music apps, business apps, etc. 

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